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Keys To Top Breeding

In "Keys to Top Breeding" 22 succesful breeders from different breeds and 7
countries share their ideas and experiences in order to improve your breeding.
The book has got a great reception already in 36 countries. Both experienced breeders and beginners will be answered f.ex.: - Is breeding difficult? -  Linebreeding or outcrossing? - How would you start planning a combination? - How to analyze surprises? To become a good breeder, you must learn constantly. This  book gives you a chance to do that. Matt Stander, US: "I would make this book basically a must read for every breeder in America. Additionally it would be a
good idea for every judge to read and re-read this book as it contains insights about the thinking, mentality and philosophies of breeders throughout the world." Jeffrey Horswell, UK: "The Finns have a great reputation in the world of
dogs for running excellent shows, producing world class judges, and for having top quality dogs. They have been clever at listening, learning and improving upon what the rest of the world have done. It is perhaps then no surprise that
the book 'Keys to Top Breeding' would be the idea of Finns. Pekka Hannula and Marjo Nygård had the inspired idea to produce this book, which deserves to become a doggie bestseller." Bob Curtis, AUS: "Wow, what a wonderful book, such
a timely publication for those in the dog world who are aiming to become leading breeders in their chosen breed. The knowledge and experience of the twenty-two breeders of worldwide repute who are represented in this book is of inestimable value, especially to up and coming breeders. To me this book is an absolute must to buy for those who aspire to be the best. An investment in this book should pay dividends for years to come. Simply marvellous!