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E- Litter - Temp and delivery


Welcome and thank you for your interest in our upcoming litter!
Just a little explanation to our friends in the USA: Over here in Germany, we take the temp in ° Celsius, as opposed to you, taking the temp in ° Fahrenheit. The temp drop in ° Celsius means that the temperature drops below 37 ° Celsius. So as soon as you see a temp at about 36, .. something, the puppies are on their way ...

And now enjoy following us through the last days of Sheila's pregnancy and the delivery of her and Torque's babies :-)


This pic is showing Sheila at 59 days pregnant with her baby belly. How many puppies might she carry?
days a. Ov. date morning noon evening night
60 02.07.2013         
61 03.07.2013      37,0 °C  36,8 °C
62 04.07.2013        
63 05.07.2013        
 puppy # time sex weight postition color afterbirth 
1  02.10  boy  470  head first  dark red brindle  X
2  02.40  girl  445  back first  bright red brdl  X
3  03.00  boy  500  back first  bl mask blond  X
4  03.25  girl  430  back first  red brdl  X
5  05.30  boy  460  back first  red brdl  X
6  05.40 boy  450  head first  blue brdl  X
7  08.30  girl  420  head first  b&s brdl  X
8  09.35  girl  390  head first  cream domino  X